Charles Thompson is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications and formerly Associate to the Dean for Research and Graduate Study at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from New York University, a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of NewYork, and a Ph.D. in Acoustics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Upon graduation he became an Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In 1987 he joined the Department Electrical and Computer Engineering at UMASS Lowell as its Analog Devices Career Development Professor. Dr. Thompson has served on the executive boards of the Cooperative Research Fellowship program of Bell Laboratories (1991-1999) and the AT&T Labs Fellowship Program (1996-2006).

At Bell Laboratories Dr. Thompson created with the Vice President of Research and Nobel laureate, Arno Penizas, the W. Lincoln Hawkins Mentoring Excellence Award (1994). This award is given to a member of the research staff for fostering the career growth of Bell Labs students and associates. This award is Research's highest honor for mentoring contributions. In 1998, AT&T Labs instituted a similar award named for Dr. Thompson.

His awards include the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Mentoring; Tau Beta Pi Eminent Engineer; James E. Blackwell Scholar; AT&T Bell Laboratories Cooperative Research Fellowship. He is cited in Who's Who among African Americans, Education, and Technology Today; American Men and Women of Science, West Babylon Alumni Hall of Fame; He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and cited for his fundamental contributions to theoretical and computational acoustics. He is senior member of IEEE, and a member of the American Physical Society and Sigma Xi. He has published reesearch in  acoustics, control theory, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, linear and nonlinear systems, and telecommunications.


Current advisees:

Max Denis, PhD candidate

Ayse Kalkan-Savoy, PhD candidate

Elaine Vejar , PhD candidate

Ambika Bhatta, PhD candidate

Vincente DelGaudio, PhD candidate

Barbara Deschamp, MS candidate

Megha Sunny, MS candidate

Jenny Au, BS candidate

Katherine Aho, BS candidate

Former doctoral students:

Rahul Sen, Director

Kavitha Chandra, Professor

Vineet Mehta, Asst. Group Leader

Sylvia Isler, Senior Technology Architect

Anthony Kozloff, MTS

Arun Mulpur, Manager

Sudha Mulpur, Principal Software Developer

Bongseok Jang, Assoc. Professor

Bo-Kyoung Kim, Asst. Professor

Jung-Rim Hyun, MTS

Kassinani Kotsidou, Asst. Professor

Miroslava Raspopovic, Asst. Professor

Jing Tsui, MTS

Sania Salahuddin, MTS

Jiraporn Pongsiri, MTS

Former masters students:

Martin Manley, Penn State

Vineet Mehta, UMASS Lowell

Ayse Kalkan, UMASS Lowell

Tham Le, Senior Engineer

Ajay Mupur, Strategy Leader

George Tasiopoulus, Director

Chao-ping Hsu, Engineer

David Maurer, Senior Engineer

Alia Haider, MTS level 4

Vardhani Harpanahali, Manager

Ananda Chakravarty, Product Director

Nancy Tharakan, Systems Engineer

Ping Zhou, Senior Software Engineer

Parita Amin Lalwani, Marketing Exec

Weihong Gao, Engineer

Dusan Radivojevic, Software Developer

Jyotsna Basana, Engineer

Max Denis, UMASS Lowell

Miroslava Raspopovic, UMASS Lowell

Jing Tsui, UMASS Lowell

Hetalbin Patel. DSP Engineer

Neha Dhar, Software Engineer

Ambika Bhatta, UMASS Lowell

Janet Yang, Software Engineer

Raji Remany, Engineer

Former undergraduate students:

Martin Manley, UMASS Lowell

Donald Fisher, Penn State

Vineet Mehta, UMASS Lowell

Kay Herbert, MIT

Stacey West, Agent

Gregory Alia, University of South Florida

John Hammill

Clifford Raimond

Max Denis, UMASS Lowell

Keith Houilhan

Monica Brown, Engineer

Jefferson Challenger, Software Engineer

Nicholas Demien, Engineer

Hahn Vu-Maesto, MIT

Clinton Caines

Elaine Vejar, UMASS Lowell

John Tice

Susan Barroso, Engineer

Emmanuel Lammar, Engineer

Yohanas Abebe, Engineer

John Tice

A.W Dewald, Engineer

Joseph McInerney, Dartmouth

Natalie Grant, Engineer

II-Que Kim, Engineer

Paula Arinello, Senior Electrical Engineer

Scott Jobling, University of Illinois

Jerome Davis, Electrical Engineer

Jing Tsui, UMASS Lowell

Miroslava Raspopovic, UMASS Lowell

Nancy McKain, Electrical Engineer

Maria Berezina, MIT

Jessica Piper, Stanford University

Jose Amado

David Chann, MIT

Mega Sunny, UMASS Lowell

Noel Billong, Engineer

Jony Perez, Executive

Natalie Dumont

John Tripp

Margaret Cassaca, UMASS Lowell


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