Lejun Hu





Falmouth 203






B.S. Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2005.

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2018.

P.H.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2018-.



Acoustics, probability, cyber-physical systems.



Fault detection in a cyber-physical system using particle filter. For PHD I built an interconnected water tank system, and detect faults in the system using particle filter. The system has inputs, state variables and outputs. The inputs are control signals that control the rate of water being pumped into the system through pumps, the state variables are water levels inside the tanks, and the outputs are leakage faults that occur abruptly. A model is developed to capture the relationship between input and state variables, between one state variable and another state variable, and between the state variables and outputs. Particle filters track the state variables, and guesses the time that leakage faults occur. This guess is verified against the actual time of fault occurrence.



C. Thompson, L. Hu, G. Remillard, and K. Chandra, Analysis of a Passive Radio Frequency Excited Acoustic Transducer, at the 177th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Louisville, KY, May 2019.



I was born in China and moved to England at 10 then to Canada at 15. I received a B.S. in Engineering Sciences from University of Toronto in 2005. I then worked in industry for 11 years. In 2018 I received a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am currently a PHD student working on acoustics, probability and cyber-physical systems, in the Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications. I am advised by professor C. Thompson and K. Chandra.



2018 current Research Assistant University of Massachusetts Lowell

Research assistant in cyber-physical systems and acoustics.


2017 current Teaching Assistant University of Massachusetts Lowell

Teaching assistant for 16.413 Linear Feedback Systems.


2018 current Mentor University of Massachusetts Lowell

Mentor for RAMP (Research, Academics and Mentoring Pathways) program in summer 2018 and summer 2019.

Taught computer science and engineering concepts to incoming freshmen women students.


2017 spring Mentor University of Massachusetts Lowell

Mentor for SayDarNar program in spring 2017.

Taught computer science and engineering concepts to underprivileged students in grades 6-8 living in Lowell.


2015 2016 Electrical Designer Longford International Ltd.

Wrote microcontroller firmware to control industrial packaging machines.


2014 2015 Electrical Designer PV Labs Inc.

Designed circuit boards for high performance camera stabilization system.


2010 2014 Product Engineer Analog Devices Inc.

Developed silicon photodiode array for medical imaging applications.

Characterized performance, developed test method, test hardware, and data analysis software.

Organized meetings, developed schedule.

Customer engagement and presentations.


2008 2010 Reliability Engineer Analog Devices Inc.

Qualified semiconductor reliability.

Assessed use conditions, recommended qualification tests.

Characterized reliability performance of new semiconductor devices.

Helped to investigate product failures.


2005 2008 Product Engineer Actel Corp.

Developed FPGA for aerospace applications.

Characterized product performance.

Wrote software to automate product characterization and data analysis.

Qualification and failure analysis.



US patent no.8525299 On-Chip Temperature Sensor Using Interconnect Metal.

US patent no.9200968 Electrical Overstress Protection Using Through Silicon Via.



Our robot, Walt the Waiter, won the second-year engineering design competition at University of Toronto.