Hui Zhou
Research Assistant in CACT

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Falmouth 203


BSEE : University of Science & Technology in Qingdao(2009)
Coursework : University of Science & Technology in Qingdao(2009-2012)
Ph.D Candidate : Electrical & Computer Engineering in University of Massachusetts Lowell (2012 - now)

Fast-multipole method in acoustic wave scattering, GPU programming

When incident wave hits a medium, which has a high compressibility contrast in acoustic properties, scattering occurs. We consider about the scattering of acoustic waves from three-dimensional compressible fluid. Particular attention is paid to the cases where the scatterers have moderate magnitude in compressibility contrast and nondimensional wave number. The scattered field is cast in terms of asymptotic series valid in the limit of small compressibility contrast. Pointwise divergence in the scattering volume can result as the magnitude of the compressibility contrast is increased. We use pointwise application Padé Approximants in the scattering volume to expand the range of the validity of the results. We use low-frequency Fast-multipole method to evaluate the Born series coefficients .

The serial processing character of CPU limits its capability for tasks that involve multiple simultaneous operations on data. The move toward multicore help enable parallelism than a single core, but it still falls short of the multicore architecture of GPU. So, in order to accelerate the computing, we will develop parallel computing by the usage of graphics processing unit (GPU) together with the CPU.


A. Bhatta, Hui Zhou, Nita Nagdewate, Kavitha
Chandra and Charles Thompson. "Response of a Channel in a Stratified medium." American Society of Engineering Education – Northeast Section, December 2013. Lowell MA: 2012.


Research Assistant (September 2012 – Present)

Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications, Lowell, Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Develop research methods and help programming in high school