Elaheh Noursadeghi

Research/Teaching Assistant in UMass Lowell



Fallmouth 203






BSc: Electrical Engineering (Control and Robotics), Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), 2004-2008

MSc: Electrical Engineering (Control and Robotics), Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), 2008-2012

PhD: Mechanical Engineering (Control and Robotics), University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2013-now



Distributed Fault Diagnosis in Large-scale Systems

The majority of systems that are encountered in most existing technological, societal, and environmental processes are highly complicated, have high dimensionality, and are uncertain in nature. Examples of such large-scale systems include: water distribution systems, power networks, cyber physical systems, telecommunication networks, automated highway systems, just to name a few. Complex processes are significantly more vulnerable to faults, since a malfunction in a single component may have a major effect to the entire system. Availability, dependability and resiliency are becoming major design goals for large-scale technological systems due to stringent economic, ecological and safety demands. The broad objective is to design fault tolerant systems that maintain their operation even in the occurrence of faults. A timely diagnosis of a fault mode may improve the process’ availability and maintainability by avoiding downtimes, breakdowns and catastrophic failures. Therefore, there is a growing need for resilient fault diagnosis algorithms especially in the case of safety-critical applications.





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