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Description: C:\Users\Cory\Dropbox\PhotoNewFellow\DSC_0521.JPGJ. Cory Miniter
NSF GK-12 FELLOW: Vibes and Waves in Action
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Falmouth 203

BSEE: University of Massachusetts Lowell (Expected 2013)



Exploiting Crowd-Based Imprecise Labels for Domain Focused Information Retrieval

Because much of the world lacks access to clean water and consistent electrical power, low power methods were investigated for purifying drinking water. Ultraviolet light has a harmful effect on DNA, particularly at a 265nm wavelength. Ultraviolet LEDs are available that emit narrow band ultraviolet light while drawing as little as 180mW. A purifier was designed in light of these facts, with the end goal of being able to purify water at a 2 gallon/day rate while operating at no more than 10W power consumption.  

GK-12 Fellowship (2013 – 2015)


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