Ayse Kalkan-Savoy

CACT Alumni and Student Member
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Falmouth 203


BSEE: Istanbul Technical University
MSEE: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Ph. D. candidate, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology


Deformation Quantification using Ultrasound Data
Ultrasound Simulation

Multiple scattering pressure field with Pade Approximants

Binaural Audio



A. Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson.

"Speckle tracking in multiple-scattered pressure field”, ICA June 2013, Montreal Canada, 2013


M. Sunny, A. Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson. "Human computer interface virtual acoustic display using gyroscopic sensors”, IEEE DSP/SPE 2011 Workshop, Sedona AZ, pp: 163-167, 2011



A. Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson. "Speckle generation and analysis of speckle tracking performance in a multi-pressure field", JASA, 132(3): 2066, 2012


A. Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson. "B-scan simulation using a multiple scattering model with Pade approximants." New England Science Symposium, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, 2012


A.Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson. "Velocity field estimation for B-scan" James E. West Symposium, Baltimore MD,  2012


M. Sunny, A. Kalkan-Savoy, and C. Thompson. “Head-tracking interface using a Wii remote”, JASA, 127(3):2066, 2010



NSF GK-12 Fellowship (January 2009 - 2011)

Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications, Lowell, Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Lowell

• Develop communication skills to present technical concepts to diverse audience

• Bring research methods, tools and findings into high school classroom