Resources and Benchmarks for Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) Algorithms

This work examines the Dynamic Channel Assignment problem (DCA) problem in wireless networks. DCA typically strives to optimize the problem of frequency or channel reuse while maintaining sufficient spatial separability of the wireless systems that transmit on the same channel. This work considers the impact of spatial and temporally varying channel demand functions. Of particular interest is the effect of considering a cumulative interference metric, rather than one based solely on geographic distance. We consider both mathematical programming approaches as well as algorithms that implement heuristics for real-time channel assignment.

This site is created to establish a process for benchmarking the various algorithmic approaches that are presented in the DCA research literature. A taxonomy of approaches presented for solution to this problem and the relevant references is given under published algorithms.

Our basic approach to the problem is presented under the link IP Models and Heuristics.

A method for accelerating the assignment process and investigation into the application towards distributed approaches is given under the shifting strategy link.

Published Algorithms

IP Models and Heuristics for DCA

A Shifting Strategy


Prof. Karen Daniels
Prof. Kavitha Chandra

Harish Rathi (Masters, Computer Science)
Sa Liu
Sumit Widhani