Modeling and Simulation of Communication Networks: 16.617
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Description: This course presents classical and modern methods for analyzing performance of communications nodes and networks. Particular focus is on the representation of data, voice and video traffic using probability distributions and random processes. These models will be applied in the analysis of queueing systems that model the functions of various network elements. Performance analysis will be carried out using analytical, computation and simulation based methods. Classical M/M/1, M/G/1, G/M/1 and fluid buffer queues will be analyzed. Approaches for multiplexing and admission control of traffic sources will be presented.
Instructor:    Prof. K. Chandra
Office:           Falmouth 203 (CACT)
Tel:               (978) 934 3356
Time:             6:00 :8:50 pm
                      Thursdays, Spring 2008
References:   Fundamentals of Queueing Theory
                      D. Gross & C.M. Harris, John-Wiley Publishers                    
                      Broadband Networks, M. Schwartz, Prentice-Hall
                      Course Notes and Selected Publications
Location:        Falmouth 203