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Instructor: Prof. K. Chandra
Office: Falmouth 203 (North Campus)
Tel: 978 934 3356
Email: kavitha_chandra@uml.edu

Course Syllabus (pdf)

Meets: Tuesdays, 11:30:12:20 pm, Fall 2006

Abstracts of Talks

Current Topics/News and Student Submissions

December 12, 2006:   Team Project Review and Team Presentations and Pictures

November 13, 2006:  Next Talk: Nanoelectronic Devices. Browse the resources page for interesting information on this topic!

October 31, 2006:  Midterm Evaluation: Check this student list: List of Students

October 27, 2006:  Teams have been formed! I request team representatives to send me an email with your Team Letter (and a name for your venture) and a list of your team members. I need this to cross check against the written forms that have been collected in class. Thanks!

October 23, 2006:  The description of the next assignment is here: Team Project

You are to bring a copy of the project description to class Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006 when we will be forming teams.

Coming Soon!  A web page with thumbnails and links to each of your websites. So if you have not uploaded a web page yet, now is the time to do it.

Kapil Patel, Freshman, ECE, submits this link on a possible downside to nanotechnology.

David Mailloux, Freshman, ECE, suggests a look at this link to see where battery technology is headed and role of engineers.



This introductory course is designed to make the student aware of the new developments in Electrical and Computer Engineering, especially those on-going in the department and the college. It will also provide information about co-op and research opportunities in the University. The course will feature talks by faculty from Electrical, Computer, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science departments and researchers from industry.


Provide the ECE student with information, resources and guidance for his or her successful development as a professional during the next four years.


● Students will be guided on developing a professional web page that will be progressively  updated starting from a resume. It will be a forum for publishing your essays and identifying web links that you want to share with the rest of your class and ECE community.

●As the course progresses and you hear lectures from faculty and invited speakers from industry, you will formulate a career objective and a plan towards reaching that objective. Envision what you want to achieve and where you want to be as a ECE professional ten years from now. 

●Topics and reading material related to scheduled talks and the speaker will be posted online in the resources section of this site. You are expected to come prepared for asking questions. A portion of your grade is reserved for the level of interest you demonstrate in learning about the new topics.


Link to your Future:

Apply to the Information Sciences and Technology Research Scholarship

ISET Program Details & Application
University of Massachusetts 
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications