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DC Circuit Analysis; Ohm's Law and Kirchoff's Law; Mesh and Nodal Analysis; Linearity and Superposition concepts; Capacitors, Inductors; First and Second Order Circuits; Op-Amps

Text: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits: C.K. Alexander and M. N.O. Sadiku, McGraw-Hill

Course Syllabus

Room: Ball Hall 328    

Time: 11:30 : 12:20 pm , Mon/Wed/Fri

Instructor: Prof. K. Chandra      TA: Max Denis Office hrs. 1-4 pm, Mon/Wed
Falmouth 203 (CACT)
North Campus
  Falmouth 203 (CACT)
North Campus
(978) 934 3356 (978) 934 3361

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