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Fourier series and Fourier transforms (FT): convergence properties; applications to linear systems including modulation, sampling and filtering. Hilbert transforms (HT) and analytic signals. Bilateral Laplace transforms (LT): convergence properties. Contour integration methods applied to FT, HT and LT. Discrete-time Fourier series and Fourier transforms including complex convolution: applications to linear systems. Discrete Fourier transforms and Fast Fourier algorithm. Ztransforms: convergence properties, solution of difference equations, application to linear systems.

Text: Linear System: Time domain and Transform Analysis , M.F, O'Flynn and G,M, Moriarity, Wiley

Course Syllabus

Olson 407

Time: 6:00 : 8:30pm , Th

Instructor: Prof. C.Thompson   TA: NA
Falmouth 203 (CACT)
North Campus
  Falmouth 203 (CACT)
North Campus
(978) 934 3360
(978) 934 3361

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