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The Center for Advanced Computation at UMass Lowell celebrates 25 years of alumnae leadership and technical excellence in engineering and science. The Alumnae

Ms. Megha Sunny, a 2011 Bachelor's degree candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering has been awarded the 2011 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She follows CACT alumni Maria Berezina (2008 awardee, MIT) and David Chhan (2010 Honorable mention, MIT) in this recognition. The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship is the premier research fellowship program of the United States.

Ms. Ambika Bhatta, a Master's degree candidate has been awarded the 2009 Professor Charlie Steele Memorial Fund Award. The Professor Charlie Steele Memorial Fund recognizes an outstanding graduate student studying Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Mathematics. She follows Dr. Jung-Rim Hyun of the Department of Computer Science, the 2003 awardee and Dr. Miroslava Raspopovic of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the 2002 awardee. This fund honors of the contributions of Professor Charlie Steele to the University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

Dr. Jimmie L. Davis Jr., a CACT alumnus, was selected as one of the Most Distinguished HBCU Graduates by US Black Engineer and Information Technology magazine. Dr Davis is a senior systems engineer for MITRE Corporation. He received a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Morehouse College, BS in EE and M.Sc in Mathematics from Georgia Tech and doctoral degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UMASS Lowell in 2000. He was a recipient of the prestigious Bell Labs Cooperative Research Fellowship. In addtion he was a Woody Hayes Scholar Athelete and National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete while at Morehouse College.

Dr. Sylvia K. Isler, a CACT alumnus, was selected to receive the 2003 Francis Cabot Lowell Young Alumnae Award. Dr. Isler was a senior software engineer at Mathsoft, Inc. At MathSoft, Dr. Isler developed graphics and image-processing software, and was a lead developer of S-PLUS, MathSoft's computational engine for statistics for Unix Systems. Dr. Isler joined MathSoft as a research scientist in 1996. In 2000 she became the Vice President of Software development for Kodiex Inc. Dr. Isler also worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories and was a recipient of the prestigous Bell Laboratories Cooperative Research Fellowship. Dr. Isler earned a BS in computer science for Hampton University in 1989, a MS in computer science in 1993 from the Univerisity of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in computer science in 1996 from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Award film clip


Building a Network of Leaders AT&T and Lucent Technologies, October 28, 2002 - Washington, DC

Abella receives AT&T Labs Mentor Award

Alicia Abella a Speech Software and Technology Researcher at AT&T Labs has been selected to be the 2002 recipent of the Charles Thompson Outstanding Mentor Award. This award is given annually by AT&T Labs to the employee that has demonstrated a sustained positive impact on students in the AT&T Labs Fellowship and Summer Research programs. Dr. Abella joins previous awardees Drs. Larry Greenstein, Pat Wirth, Ken Lyons, David Johnson and Ted Eckberg in this distinction. Dr. Abella has consistently demonstrated her dedication to mentoring and recruiting students as future researchers throughout her career. She was nominated for the award by Janna Shaffer-Hamaker a Computer Science graduate student at Mississippi State University.

Available for 2013 Academic Year.
Eligibility: Full time MS/Ph.D students conducting research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics ) disciplines; US Citizens and Permanent Residents.
Contact: Email:Prof. Chandra
Application Form Download

NSF Awards Research Experiences  for Undergraduates (REU) Site Grant for Basic Science Scholars (BASS) Program (2007-2010). The National Science Foundation has awarded $300,000 to institute an interdisciplinary research experiences program for undergraduate students. The BASS program integrates molecular genetics, computer science and engineering. Participating scholars receive academic support and intensive mentoring with the objective of promoting their entry into, and completion of doctoral programs in science and engineering. BASS scholars spend two consecutive years in the program and undertake research projects under the direction of one or more faculty mentors concomitant with their baccalaureate degree courses. The objective is to equip students with the requisite research skills for the successful pursuit of doctoral degrees in STEM disciplines.  

 Basic Science Scholars Program

NSF Awards GK-12 grant to Vibes and Waves in Action Project (2008-2013).
 The National Science Foundation has awarded $2.35 million to support the training of graduate fellows in communicating their research to diverse audiences and in particular to high school students. This project connects researchers from the Colleges of Engineering, Education and Arts & Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Lowell to high-school teachers and students in school districts of Lowell and Lawrence, MA. The project theme, Vibes and Waves in Action, is focused on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) of sound and electromagnetic vibrations and waves and their interaction with the environment. It anchors the research topics of GK-12 fellows and provides a context for relating core high school Physics and Mathematics curriculum to the research. 

 Vibes and Waves in Action

Mozelle Thompson of the FTC Visit
Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission (Sponsored by NSBE and CACT )

Dr. Gururaj Deshpande of Sycamore Visit
Co-Founder and Chairman of Sycamore Networks, Founder and Chairman of Cascade Communications, Co-Founder Coral Network Corporation. (Sponsored by CACT and College of Management)

Dr. James E. West of Bell Labs Visit
Co-inventor of the Electret Microphone, National Academy of Engineering, Fellow ASA, Fellow IEEE, G.R. Stibitz Trophy, National Inventors Hall of Fame. (Sponsored by NSBE)


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CACT is developing techniques to be used to model acoustical environments. These models when used in conjunction with MP3 coded audio will allow users to create realistic source imaging effects.


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